Goodparts is a personal care brand designed for the kind of (sex) life you want to have. But enough about us…


Let’s talk about you. You are you — totally, uniquely, unapologetically you. And


You’re you when you get dressed in the morning — or at night. More importantly, you’re you when you find the perfect pair of shoes to go with that outfit. You’ve got style, but it’s not everyone’s style. It’s your style. And you know what? It’s sexy AF.

You’re funny (really, you are) but you also give a shit. About a lot of things. Your friends. Your health. Other people. The planet. Hell yeah you recycle. You make caring cool. You make us care, too.

You don’t mind talking about sex. Actually, you kind of like talking about sex. Talking about sex makes sex better. You learn from your friends and your partners — whether they’re “the one” or a one-nighter. Making them feel good makes you feel good. Turns out you’ve even got style with your clothes off.

You’re bi. You’re gay. You’re totally straight, bro. It really doesn’t matter, because you’re you, and that’s enough. And you shouldn’t have to settle for anything less — in bed, or anywhere else.

So, about us? We’re about you.

A note on sustainability: our bottles are recyclable and our products are vegan, but we know that’s not enough. Right now we’re a small company, and we’re pouring everything we have into creating products that feel good and that you can feel good about. For us, that means high-quality, cruelty-free, and all-natural personal care delivered in well-designed recyclable packaging. As we grow, we want to improve our environmental impact by shifting towards post-consumer plastics and other more sustainable practices. To do this, we need your support and ideas. Shoot us a message with your thoughts on how we can grow sustainably.

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