Goodparts is based in Brooklyn, New York. We design personal care products to complement your personal style—in bed

A good sex life doesn’t start and end in the bedroom.

It’s part of your routine, your style, the way you take care of your mind and body. It’s doing the things that make you feel good about yourself so that you can make others feel good, too.

Get to the good stuff

Looks good. Feels better.

Ultra-Smooth Silicone:

Pure, high-grade silicone lubricant. It’s long-lasting, vegan, hypoallergenic, and paraben-free — perfect for butt stuff.

Smooth like you

Hydrating Organic:

A natural, water-based lube made with aloe and other healthy ingredients. It’s gentle, vegan, and pH-balanced.

Treat yourself

Everywhere Balm

All-purpose lip and body balm for all-over use, formulated with natural ingredients and functional botanicals to protect, sooth, and moisturize.

Balms away

As we grow, we’ll continue to develop products that support healthy, feel-good habits and routines, in bed and out. Right now we’re working on an Everywhere Balm with CBD for lips, body… wherever. Sign up to get the latest on our R&D, new product drops, free stuff, or just to say hey.